Step 1 MUSIFASSIL identify 12 music notes

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STEP 1 musifassil

All the music we listen to is born from 12 musical notes, for a long time in the history of humanity these 12 musical notes were unknown; like any evolutionary life process, music also had its development process until it came to define the musical notes as we know them today

C – C# – D – D# – E – F – F# – G – G# – A – A# – B

The most pleasant thing that exists for the human auditory system is when we listen to musical notes in perfect musical tuning; does not exist and will never exist, something more pleasant for the human ear than listening to music when it is born from these 12 musical notes in perfect musical tuning

The most pleasant of music is defined by levels of musical artistic development, in the highest levels of musical artistic development it will be when the musical composition reaches a high degree of integration between melody and musical harmony

We understand the musical melody as what remains in our mind when we like a musical composition, they are the main musical notes that give life to the musical composition; for example, when we sing a song, what we are singing is the melody of the song and the musical notes that we sing is the melody of the musical composition

We understand musical harmony as all the musical  notes that are not part of the melody of the musical composition; but they are part of the musical composition as secondary musical notes