001 FLAUTIZZATE flute learning GLORIZZATE 001 ” Listen all ” ( aprendamos flauta ” Oigan todos ” )

VIDEO vertical flute learning

song “Listen all” by GLORIZZATE music

Nowadays, learning to play the flute is much easier than before

We invite you to take advantage of our exclusive EASYMUSICK methodology

simply, EASYMUSICK the easiest way to learn to play flute

For step 1 it is recommended that you have an APP of a “universal tuner” installed on your mobile device so you can easily review each musical position that you play on your flute, it is important to rely on technological advances, also at first our ears do not have the degree of auditory development to distinguish the degree of tuning of a musical note

For step 2, the execution speed shown in the video must be reached, the most important thing is to achieve the ability to make the position changes that form each musical note without interruptions, it is advisable to practice between two musical positions, until you master the musical position change

For step 3 you must educate your auditory system to the musical quadrature given by the speed of a metronome, generally a metronome is calibrated in 4/4, which means that we have four musical times and we are going to hear the bell in the beat one, for this reason you must play each musical position on beat one of the metronome, until you achieve the ability to play the exercise at the speed of 68 given by the metronome

both in step 4 and in step 5 we are going to play the song with the help of a metronome, in step 4 we are going to use a slower speed and thus make it easier to change musical positions, it is very important not to lose musical quadrature, mainly on beat 1 of the metronome, that is, when the bell rings

In step 5 we must increase the speed of the metronome to 68, which is the musical time of artistic execution, at the moment that you manage to play satisfactorily, that is, without interruptions in the change of musical positions and you manage to maintain the musical quadrature, mainly in the beat 1 of the metronome you must release the metronome; that is to say, you must finally play the song without the help of a metronome and maintain the musical quadrature according to the musical development of your auditory system